Why Should Men Get Facials? Types and Benefits of Men’s Facial Treatment

Facials are just as important for men as for women. Facials are not just about pampering your skin. They deep cleanse and remove the dirt from your skin. Men’s facial treatment helps them with skin breakouts and blackheads as well. 

men’s facial treatment

For all the men out there who care about their skin, Kulani Spa has got you covered. It does not matter what gender, skin type, or age you’re at, leaving your skin to professionals will always be the best idea. Getting professional Men’s Facial Treatment will prove to be a relaxing tool for guys. 

How Men’s Facial Treatments are Different and Why?

Men’s facial treatments are a little different compared to women’s facials. Men’s facials are more likely to handle skin-related problems like razor burn, ingrown hair, and flaky skin. Generally, to prevent these types of skin problems, most men’s facials are a combination of purifying and detoxifying deep cleanse and a gentle massage to get the desired fresh and toned skin. Typically men’s skin produces more oil because they have higher testosterone as compared to women.[1]  If the skin does not get cleaned properly the oil will eventually clog your pores which can ultimately lead to blackheads. Soon the pimples will break out on your skin. Most professionals perform blackhead to unclog the clogged pores. 

men’s facial treatment

Doing the extraction process at home is not recommended at all. Leave your skin in the care of professionals and you will definitely see the results. Keep in mind that just because men produce more oil as compared to women does not mean all men have the same oily skin. Skin problems vary according to skin type. [2]

Steps in Men’s Facial Treatment 

Men’s Facial Treatment generally consists of 7 Basic steps. 

men’s facial treatment

  1. Cleansing 
  2. Exfoliating 
  3. Steaming
  4. Face Mask
  5. Toning 
  6. Moisturizing
  7. Massage

Benefits of Men’s Facial Treatments

1. Unclogging of Pores 

Due to high exposure of skin to sun and dirt, the pores are more visible on men’s skin. The dirt and natural oil produced by the skin clog the pores. A facial treatment helps to get dirt off the face and unclogs the pores. 

2. Smooth Irritation Free Skin 

Most men shave and use razors gently on their skin. This can cause burns, inflammation, and irritation on the skin. A facial treatment can calm skin irritation and help with any ingrown hair caused by shaving. It will leave your skin smooth and relaxed. 

3. Learn About Your Skin 

Skin care is not only subjected to women. Every skin needs to be taken care of. A men’s facial treatment will help them learn about their skin type, what products would suit their skin and how they can take care of it. A professional can guide them about the importance of following a regular skincare regime. 

Types of Men’s Facial Treatments 

There are different steps in a Men’s facial treatments depending on the different skin types. 

1. Deep Cleansing Facial or Cleanser

Cleanser or Deep cleansing facial helps you remove dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil, and toxins. It makes your skin look younger, healthier, and glowing. It also makes your skin blemish-free. 

2. Acne Facial

If you will continue to get this treatment done by professionals there will be no more breakouts on your face. This type of facial mainly works for removing acne. This treatment also helps in removing the redness from the skin. Also helps skin rebalance by removing inflammation.

3. Oxygen Facial

As we age and grow older the natural oxygen level in our skin gradually declines. This reduction in oxygen causes fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. This special treatment is extremely beneficial to replenish the level of oxygen in your skin. It removes wrinkles and fine lines by restoring the youthful texture of your skin.

4. Exfoliating Facial

Exfoliating facials help you remove dead and dry skin from the surface of your skin. Experts recommend that this type of facial is a must in your daily skincare routine. Though this is highly effective for both skin and body. 

5. Anti-Aging Facial

These types of facials include hyaluronic acid, collagen-infused serums, and glycolic acid treatments that help in tightening the skin and remove wrinkles and fine lines. Getting this treatment regularly will help your skin look fresh, young, and smooth. [3]

After getting a facial you will immediately see the healthy glow that will last for almost 48-72 hrs including the long-lasting effective benefits that will show up with time if you will decide to keep up with the regimen. 


There are various kinds of men’s facial treatments according to skin type. If you want to take care of your skin and are looking for a men’s facial treatment Kulani Spa has got you covered. Our men’s facial treatments will make your skin moisturized and hydrated. 


1. What facial treatments are good for men?

You can start with any basic men’s facial treatment after consulting with the esthetician. Choose after understanding your skin type and you will see the result in no time. 

2. What is included in a Men’s facial?

Men’s facial treatment generally consists of cleansing, exfoliating, massage, steams, creams and a face mask. There are wide variations in facials depending on your skin goals. When considering a facial consider it as a broader and more effective version of  daily or regular skincare routine.

3. How often should men do facials?

General recommendation comprises getting a facial after every 3 or 4 weeks or once in a month. And that is how long your skin cycle actually is.




[3] https://www.siobeauty.com/blogs/resource-center/mens-facial-treatments


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