Skin Rejuvenation


Microneedling is a beauty treatment. In micro-needling, pricking the skin with tiny sterile needles is involved. Your body produces more collagen and elastin due to the microscopic wounds, which helps your skin in the best way possible and makes you look younger. People with wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and stretch marks may be self-conscious about their skin’s uneven look

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Chemical Peel (VI Peel)

A chemical peel is a cosmetic process that involves applying a chemical solution on to the skin and removing the top layers of it. The regenerated skin is smoother. To achieve the desired results, you may need to repeat the technique with a light or medium peel. The chemical VI peel treatment can be used on the face and the body to rejuvenate the skin for a healthy, and youthful appearance. VI peel is safe for all skin types. Deeper chemical peels produce stronger effects, but recovery time is longer

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