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Kulani Spa & Wellness is a top med spa in Stockbridge, GA and a hidden gem right in the heart of Atlanta's charming suburbs.

From one of the best facials in Atlanta's metropolitan area to chemical peels, weight loss, and premiere skincare products, you'll surely make Kulani your new home.

At Kulani, our mission is simple: to provide dermatologist-recommended skin care solutions and a proactive approach to help you achieve real results.

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Now accepting Cigna and United Healthcare for dermatology services.
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Expert Dermatology

Our skilled Dermatology Nurse Practitioner specializes in treating patients of all ages with diverse skin conditions.


Looking for one of the best facials in Atlanta’s metropolitan area? Our facial spa treatments are your way to a radiant glow while taking care of your skin.

Laser Treatments

From laser hair removal services to achieving glowing skin, this treatment option is safe, effective, and designed for stunning results.

Skin Rejuvenation

Versatile treatment options for both the face and body, ensuring remarkable results for all skin types, creating a confident and radiant appearance.

IV Hydration

Embrace the ultimate way to nourish your body and elevate your well-being with IV drips loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Medical Weight Loss

A program designed to help you reach your wellness goals, guided by experts who care.

Explore our
Skin Care Products for
Glowful Wellness.

Searching for a thoughtful skincare gift set to show you care? Looking to enhance your skin care routine? Discover Kulani’s exclusive skin care line and elevate self-love today.

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