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At Kulani Spa, our mission is simple: we're here to provide top-tier care and a proactive approach to help you achieve real, tangible results.
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Facials are key to maintaining healthy glowing skin and managing various skin conditions.
IV Hydration
IV hydration/vitamin therapy allow needed nutrients to be delivered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.
Experience radiant and confident skin with micro-needling as it transforms your complexion.
Chemical Peel (VI Peel)
Embrace radiant and youthful skin. This treatment is safe and versatile for all skin types, with minimal downtime.
Your health queries to treat Acne, Dermatitis, Mole Removal, Hyperpigmentation, and Tinea for advice from our team of experts.
Laser Treatments
For a wide range of medicinal and aesthetic purposes, the Neo Elite is the new gold standard in the field of Lase. It improves clinical efficacy, adaptability.

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Searching for a thoughtful gift to show you care? Or looking to enhance your self-care routine? Discover Kulani’s exclusive wellness line and elevate your self-care today.

Want 15% off your next visit?

Double the glow! Refer a friend and both of you will enjoy 15% off your next visit.

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