How to take care of your skin after micro-needling?

Micro-needling is all the rage these days. Have you heard about it from your friends, or are the influencers you follow suggesting it? It is no wonder that micro-needling has gathered all this hype due to its numerous benefits for your skin. From reducing scars and acne to evening out skin tone, it has got you covered for flawless results. If you are also considering jumping on this bandwagon, you must thoroughly research the effects and procedure you want with the aftercare requirements. Whether you get it done professionally or at home, proper skin care is required afterward to heal the skin and enhance the results quickly. Or else there can be unwanted reactions or infections[1] without the appropriate care. Hence you must follow the specialist’s advice on aftercare. 

To understand the procedure of micro-needling and its aftercare, we have gathered a few essential points relating to the procedure. It is important to note that this is not meant to overrule your doctor’s instructions, and consult your doctor in case of any confusion or query. 

What is the hype of micro-needling all about?

Micro-needling treatment is now more than a hype. It has become a part of people’s lifestyles now. This is not just for no reason but due to its benefits for the skin. Microneedling treatment entails prickling the skin through tiny sterilized needles. The purpose is to increase circulation, thereby generating higher collagen production and, as a result, smoothing, toning, and firming the skin. Here are the benefits of micro-needling.

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treatment of acne scars and stretch marks
  • Evening out and lightening hyperpigmentation
  • Toning and plumping the skin

Before going for micro-needling, note the skin-related issues you are facing and the desired results. Afterward, you can select the type of micro-needling [2] you require, which your doctor will guide you about. But most importantly, the care you take after the treatment broadly impacts the skin. Hence you must follow instructions given by your doctor. 

The aftercare of micro-needling 

Most micro-needling treatments are customized to suit your skin type and aesthetic goals. Especially skincare afterward, it is devised to give you a fast recovery and the best results. You will simply not return to your old skincare routine, as your skin will have tiny pricklings, which will cause it to swell or appear like a sunburn.  To smooth and calm your skin, post-procedure skincare will be necessary. Here are the steps most doctors recommend for skincare after micro-needling.

1. Avoid the sun

Sun is damaging to your skin right after treatment. Hence you need to apply sunscreen before exposure to sunlight. You will need to carry it with you for around two weeks. Use an excellent chemical-free sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. This will be a good habit to develop even after the recovery phase.

2. Avoid infections

Protect your skin by staying clean; do not touch it without washing your hands. Use an antibiotic cream your doctor suggests avoiding infection[3]. 

3. Use prescribed skincare products

Using chemical products after micro-needling can be damaging to your skin. As it is already sensitive after the treatment, causing a reaction due to them is easy. You must stay away from exfoliants, retinol, and vitamin C. You should also not apply any makeup for 24-74 hours. Moreover, avoid glycolic acid alpha hydroxy acids on the skin. Ask your practitioner for skincare products that can be used after treatment—additionally, the timeline for when you can return to your usual skincare routine. 

4. Use prescribed skin-cooling products

To cool down your skin and reduce swelling, use hydrating masks. Make sure to run them with your doctor to avoid any chemical reactions. You should also check with your doctor if you need anti-inflammatory creams or medicines.  Many people feel that their skin gets tight and dry afterward. You can search for post-session topical creams for it.  

5. Stay away from intensive exercise

Schedule the micro-needling appointment such that in those weeks, you stay away from heavy exercise [4]. Since intensive training leads to sweating, causing the poses to open, giving entry to the bacteria.  As a result, you may get an infection or reaction.

6. Do not go for swims and hot baths

If you have just gotten the treatment, stay away from hot baths, saunas, and spas for at least a week. Especially on the first day, do not take a bath. Opening the pores this way through steam can cause infection or a reaction. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause the same effects.  

7. Do not get a tattoo or use a skin tanner.

Effective results from micro-needling treatment can only surface if proper care is taken. This includes staying away from tattooing or micro-blading around the treated skin. Avoid skin tanning for two to three weeks, as its chemicals can cause a skin reaction. 


Micro-needling is an effective way to feel youthful, fresh, bright, and beautiful. It is convenient to get it done. Although pre and post-treatment care is what matters the most as it can enhance or worsen the results. Therefore, before getting a micro-needling treatment, sit with your practitioner, and plan the procedure and the proper skin care. Follow it rigorously. 


Q1. Which types of creams to use after micro-needling?

You should use hyaluronic acid serums after micro-needling treatment. In the first two weeks, this can hydrate and recover your skin. 

Q2. What is the healing time for the skin after the treatment?

Depending upon the kind of treatment, the healing time can differ. From 24 hours to 2 or 3 days, it can take a little while to recover from it. Give it the total recovery time before applying makeup or products to your skin. 

Q3. What does the healing process after micro-needling entail?

 After getting micro-needling, you must give your skin proper time and care to recover and provide the best results. Especially in the first two weeks of the treatment, you must be super careful avoiding hot baths, saunas, spas, and swims. Avoid makeup and chemical products. Sleep on your back to prevent swelling or irritation to the skin. 

Q4. When do the results from micro-needling show?

When tiny needles prickle your skin, “micro-wounds” are formed. The body puts its efforts into healing these wounds quickly. Depending upon the depth of needle penetration, the results timeline may vary. However, it takes around four to six weeks for the full effects of micro-needling to show on the skin. 







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