5 Skin Care Tips to Control Acne

We know how frustrating it is to wake up with a massive zit on your face after following popular skincare tips and regimens religiously every day. The most annoying thing about pimples is they love to pop up, especially around special occasions like birthdays or important meetings. For a lot of people, they cause discomfort and shake their confidence and self-esteem. 

Acne is associated with poor body image, depression, social or self-rejection, and low self-confidence in many individuals. Such strong emotions can harbor declining productivity and social isolation if left unattended. Many skincare treatments have emerged recently, including Hydrafacials and Chemical Peels, which can help clear your acne. 

Here are five of our tried and tested skin care tips you can follow at home to avoid breaking out and for a clear, glowing face!

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1. Treat your Face like a Temple!

Yes, taking care of your face is the first and most fundamental rule in the book of skincare tips. Avoid touching your face or rubbing it with a dirty towel during the day. The most common reason for breakouts is your face coming in contact with a surface with bacteria. 

Keep your face clean throughout the day, and wash it twice at the end if you are wearing any makeup. Check to see if your makeup products are clogging up your pores, and try to switch to non-comedogenic (not acne-causing) products. 

Visit a spa every once in a while for a relaxing facial detox and a rejuvenated, glowing appearance


2. Don’t go Overboard

Exfoliating twice a week is a great habit. But, if you exceed this limit, it might prove counterproductive to your skincare. Excessively scrubbing your face with a washcloth, towel, or a loofah can irritate the skin and make it sensitive and acne-prone. 

If you are using retinol/retinoids/salicylic acid or other chemicals on your face, strictly follow the guidelines and don’t go overboard with their usage. Initially, use a sparing quantity of these products as the skin takes time to build a tolerance to new chemicals. Do your research on which chemicals should not be layered with each other. 

If you have susceptible skin, consult a dermatologist before using any harsh products. 

3. Watch What you Eat!

Diet and lifestyle choices play an immense role in your skin’s health. Eating fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains can give you a fresh, clear face. Moreover, foods like avocado, lemon, cucumber, and walnuts are best for a healthy complexion. Many skincare products have them as ingredients because of their exfoliating, skin brightening, and anti-oxidizing qualities. 

Avoiding sugar-rich foods like chocolates and beverages, alcohol, and refined grains makes your skin less prone to breakouts. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest game changers for acne-prone skin. Drinking adequate water will keep your skin fresh, rejuvenated, and glowing. What you feed your body will definitely show on your face!

4. Religiously Wear Sunscreen

One of the most common skin blunders people make for most of their life is exposing it to direct sunlight. Not wearing SPF is equivalent to putting your skin through the worst. Letting your skin directly in contact with the sun’s UV rays can cause redness and inflammation. If you are already on an acne medication like Accutane, going in the sun without wearing a sunblock may cause irritation and further worsen your breakouts. 

When buying sunscreen, ensure that you get one with an SPF 30 or higher and that it is non-comedogenic, so it does not block your pores. Sunburns can damage your skin, cause hyperpigmentation, and trigger acne. 

5. Exercise and Worry Less!

Stress can easily make your skin break out, and while we know you can’t just stop worrying on demand, we recommend you engage in physical activity. It releases serotonin, lifts your mood, and gives you a boost of confidence and accomplishment. It’s all about finding good ways to manage stress to your best, which will definitely pay off.

Physical activity on its own is exceptionally healthy for your skin and body. Meditation, yoga, cardio, pilates, jogs and walks, and running are all great ways to keep your skin healthy. Just make sure that you wash it every time after breaking a sweat! 


If you still struggle to control acne after following these skin care tips, don’t worry! Our dermatology experts have all the right advice and treatments for you that will return your skin’s smooth texture in just a matter of time. Contact us today to book a consultation session with our team of experts! 


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