7 Amazing Benefits of Stone Massage

Stone massage helps our body detox and heal at the same time by increasing our blood flow. It includes amazing benefits like relaxing tense muscles, reducing inflammation, and helping with muscle spasms and pain.

What Actually Happens During a Stone Massage

Stone massage is basically a type of therapy. It helps us to relax and ease tough, tensed, or damaged tissues throughout our body. During a massage, smooth and flat stones are placed on specific parts of our body.

These stones are usually made of basalt, Basalt is a type of Volcanic Rock that retains heat. These stones can be placed on the stomach, chest, face, palms, feet, toes, and spine. Swedish massage techniques are more efficiently used in which stones can be heated too. These are used in specific motions such as long strokes, vibration, tapping, kneading, and in circular movements.

Cold stones are also used after the hot ones to calm the blood vessels. It also soothes the skin.

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Benefits of Stone Massage

Stone Massage has become a popular and complementary therapy for many conditions. It reduces muscle spasms and increases the range of motion and flexibility. Alternatively using both hot and cold stones can be very helpful depending on the symptoms.

Different studies have also helped to understand the advantages better.

  • Stone massage can help to improve cardiovascular responses.
  • It promotes sleep and fights insomnia.
  • Researches prove that it helps to overcome the problem of depression, fatigue, nausea, stress, and anxiety.

Researchers also believe that the professional and comforting role of human touch on a body also plays a vital role in a massage. Stone massages also boost our immune system.

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Stone Massage Warnings, Risks, and Preventions

A hot stone massage is generally safe but there could be circumstances where it is prohibited. For example, open wounds, having undergone surgery in the last 6 weeks, a fracture, osteoporosis, diabetes, burns on your skin, or any sort of bleeding disorder.

People undergoing flue, cough, or fever should avoid the massage until they get better because they will not be able to relax in that state, and stone massage requires a composed and a relaxed body. It has an effective impact on mental well-being, it gives you more of a calm and composed behavior. It enhances the ability to undergo difficult situations calmly, only if a person concentrates on strengthening the inner self during the massage. The stability naturally comes with this treatment.

An additional note: Using drugs or alcohol for the purpose of relaxation during the massage will not help at all. It can eventually backfire on your mental and physical well-being and you will never get the pleasure of an honest stone massage neither will get the muscles and nerves to relax nor you will be able to heal spiritually.

When choosing your next massage, consider a hot stone massage. Swedish stone massage will be the best decision and wise choice to enhance the effectiveness of your massage. The warmth of the stone will make your body and mind relax. So what are you thinking? Book your stone massage today!


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